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Understanding Neck Pain and Back Pain

Neck Soreness

Neck pain and back pain can put your entire life on hold by making you incapable of even basic daily tasks. The good news is that you do not have to rely on medication or undergo extensive surgery to experience relief from these issues thanks to the natural treatments we offer at CTC Integrated Healthcare.

Both types of pain may be either acute or chronic in nature. Many people naturally associate neck pain with traumatic injuries such as whiplash, a violent jarring of the cervical spine that can cause herniated discs, damaged tissues and spinal misalignments. But you can also develop a chronic pain in the neck from improper sitting posture. Desk workers who allow their heads to droop forward may develop pinched nerves and strained muscles. Neck problems are a frequent cause of tingling or loss of function in the hands as well as recurring headaches.

Back pain can be sustained from traumatic injuries, not only from auto accidents but also from falls or other impacts that throw the vertebrae and discs out of alignment. Workers sometimes injure their backs trying to lift heavy objects improperly. Chronic pain may stem from poor standing or seated posture, an uneven gait, or a congenital imbalance such as scoliosis. Older people may experience stiffness and pain due to spinal stenosis, disc compression or osteoarthritis. If the back problem impinges the sciatic nerve, the resulting pain, numbness or weakness in the legs is known as sciatica.

Relief for Back Pain and Neck Pain

Our chiropractors, Dr. Todd Hortman and Dr. Jody Hortman, can relieve that nagging pain by evaluating your spinal alignment and gait for signs of nerve impingement, compression or strain. Once we have isolated the trouble spot, we can apply chiropractic adjustments to restore proper nerve function, while massage and physical therapy can reduce inflammation and get the healing process going. Once you are well, we will give you recommendations on how to stay that way.

How long have you been trying to manage your back or neck pain?

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