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Reviews From our Patients

We are honored to have such positive feedback from past patients. If you have enjoyed your experience with CTC Integrated Healthcare, we would be thrilled to have you leave us a review on the following sites.

I just came home from playing nine holes of golf and walked the entire course. A year ago, I had such excruciating back pain for months. I couldn’t even sit, let alone play golf. I was on medication that made me sick and was told I had a herniated disc and needed surgery to fuse my vertebrae. Then I went to Dr. Todd.

Within a few weeks of his adjustments and stretches, I experienced significant pain relief. I think the world of him. He is so gentle and caring. I know I can contact him at any time and he’s there for me. I feel better than ever. I’m 72 and plan to live to be at least 100—like my mother. I want to live a full, vital life and I know, with Dr. Todd’s care, I will.

Alice Kowal

I work at a desk all day and that wreaks havoc on my shoulders. My dad was seeing Dr. Jody so I began to see her too. She is so warm and welcoming and easy to be with. She recommended natural supplements that help me sleep better and keep my heart healthy. Everyone here is friendly and professional. I work nearby and try to come in weekly. Even though I live in Canton, I’ll sometimes come for an adjustment on Saturdays. It’s worth the drive.

Katie Swan

Dr. Todd possesses the unique combination of maturity and wisdom with youth and vigor. He is a positive, sensitive, caring person. His ability to figure out how to help you feels almost clairvoyant. He understands the challenges of the disabled and sees beyond immediate concerns. By asking probing questions, he identities underlying problems and solves them. I refer all my loved ones to him.

Paul Bergaust

I began seeing Dr. Jody to relieve my hip pain, which was caused by too much yoga and belly dancing. Throughout my entire pregnancy, her adjustments kept me comfortable, pain free and sleeping well. I had a great delivery. When my son began having recurring ear infections, Dr. Jody’s adjustments helped drain his ears and solved the problem. She has a gentle touch and understands what it’s like to be a mother.

Holly Reese

The Chiropractic Transformation Center is like an oasis that satisfies my clinical, psychological and emotional needs. I’ve been coming here since 1999. Dr. Todd takes care of my back and elbow pain so I can continue to play golf, a game I love. He completely understands my history and issues. I appreciate his personal and intimate approach to patient care. It’s a special experience.

Bob Costanza

I am a night-shift nurse and I suffered from painful tendonitis of the knee and elbow for about six months. My primary care physician and an orthopedic surgeon he referred me to would only give me medication for the pain and inflammation and that made me want to sleep all the time. I was also gaining too much weight.

“So many of the nurses I work with and my other coworkers were singing the praises of Dr. Jody so I decided to see her. On my first visit, she administered hot and cold therapy on my knee, ultrasound on my elbow and adjusted my spine. My pain went away that very day. Now, I see Dr. Jody once a week and I have the energy to work out regularly at the gym. Dr. Jody is so pleasant and caring. She took the time to get to know me and my medical history. Now I’m singing her praises!

Angelia Cooks-Hall

My arm and hand were so numb from carpal tunnel syndrome that I couldn’t grasp a spoon or tie my shoes. It was a chronic problem for about 15 years. I tried all kinds of medications and therapies. Medical doctors recommended surgery and other chiropractors couldn’t help me.

“Dr. Todd diagnosed my problem as compressed nerves. With massages and adjustments, I was so much better in a few weeks. He has helped me detox and recommended a personalized set of supplements that fits my budget and has made a big difference in my energy and overall health. Everyone at The Chiropractic Transformation Center is so caring and supportive. Dr. Todd is a trusted resource for other medical professionals, like an acupuncturist I now see. He models what he teaches and he inspires and supports me and my entire family.

Laura Roitman

I’ve taken anti-seizure medication since I was a child and have suffered from a number of ailments most of my life, including severe lower back pain, osteoarthritis, vertigo, osteoporosis, chronic migraines and reflex sympathetic dystrophy. I had been confined to a wheelchair, which helped get me from my bedroom to my bathroom. That was the extent of my life.

“Several years ago, I began seeing Dr. Jody. With her adjustments, combined with massage therapy, nutritional supplements and the regular use of a muscle stimulating machine, I am now able to get around with a walker. In fact, the orthopedic and neuro surgeons at the Mayo Clinic are amazed at how perfectly aligned my spine is, despite all my health challenges. Dr. Jody is always there when I need her, even coming in on her days off to see me. I’m living a much better life because of her and her team of healers.

Samantha Cox

I love to run and I would have had to give it up if it wasn’t for Dr. Todd.

Running reduces my stress, helped me lose weight and lowered my cholesterol. A few years ago, I began having knee trouble while running a half marathon. I had already started seeing Dr. Todd for hip pain because my hips were out of alignment from carrying around my heavy laptop. He used flexion-distraction, neuromuscular therapy and full-spine adjusting. My next marathon, I had just a little pain and the one after that I had no pain at all.

Some weekends, I run up to 23 miles, which puts a strain on my body. I know I can get an adjustment regularly and be as good as new. Under Dr. Todd’s care, I sleep better, my posture is better and I run better. I’m so glad I didn’t attribute the aches and pains to just getting older or sought surgery for my problem. This is a much healthier way to stay active at any age.

Laura King

Because I work on the computer all day and always seem to be rushing to make a deadline, I suffer from occasional neck and back pain. I see Dr. Jody to relieve that pain. When I was pregnant with my second child, who was breech, she used a specific adjustment to give the baby room to turn. My pregnancy, delivery, postpartum and recovery were so much better because of her care. I appreciate Dr. Jody’s soft approach. She expresses a genuine interest in me and how I’m doing.

Amy Leburn

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