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Chiropractic Care Payment Options

The cost of your chiropractic care will depend on what type of insurance you have or do not have. Please call your insurance company if you are unsure if your policy will cover you for chiropractic care. We offer affordable non-insurance rates and we accept auto insurance.


Questions about insurance and payment options

In-Network for Most Health Insurances:

CTC Integrated Healthcare accepts:

  • Medicare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • United Healthcare
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Coventry
  • We accept other insurances that are not listed.
  • To get the most accurate information about your insurance policy, please call our office and we will check your benefits for you.

We Accept Auto Accident Insurance:

  • We can bill your Med-Pay.
  • We can work with the at-fault insurance company to get your care paid for.
  • We can treat you on a lien if you don’t have med-Pay or insurance. There is no upfront cost to you, and your medical bills are paid through the settlement at the end of your treatment period.

No Insurance?

For patients who have little or no chiropractic insurance coverage, we have affordable rates available. If you have no insurance or do not have chiropractic benefits there is still a way for you to receive the care you need. Many patients pay directly for care, as they discover chiropractic to be extremely cost-effective and affordable.

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